Coachella Survival Guide

Since Coachella is two weekends this year, we expect to see a lot of first-timers. With that in mind, we thought we'd share the tricks of  the trade of seasoned Coachella-goers that we've learned over the years. These are the things that people often don't normally write about, but are crucial to your comfort over the long weekend of festivities.

First and foremost, pace yourself, and be a good friend. If you see your Coachella-newbie friends overdoing the day drinking, remind them that the headliner they are dying to see probably won't play until midnight. Throwing back beers is best done in moderation when you're soaking up the scorching desert sun, otherwise you'll end up passed out and miss all the bands on your must-see list. It's okay to stop and sit on the ground -  rest your legs, sip some water, and stare at the glowing art things floating in the air.

Come prepared:

Sunscreen {face + body} - That beautiful sun will burn you, so put the sunscreen on before you leave your place and bring some with you to the grounds. A sunburn is just not cute.
Hat - We can't emphasize enough how hot it can be, so bring a breathable hat to shade your head and face.
Disposable Sunnies - Let's be honest, between rockin' out to your fave bands or the drinking that you'll probably do at some point on this trip, there's a good chance you'll lose something. Do yourself a favor and don't let it be your fave pair of designer sunglasses. And while your grabbing those cheapie shades, might as well grab 2 pairs - just in case.
Lightweight Sweater for the evening. The temps are extreme! It can be 100+ degrees during the day and dip down to chilly 60 degrees at night, so bring a thin sweater you can roll and store in your bag
Lip Balm with SPF - No explanation needed here
Lightweight shoes with support - Toms, sandals with arch support, or any shoe you've already broken in and know is comfy. Don't wear wedges, because if you do, you'll clearly look like an amateur. If you plan on getting up close and personal and near the stages, people will probably step on your toes. Also, some porto potties can be wet inside. While rare, you may find yourself in one of them. Closed-toed shoes are warmer than your cute sandals, but they can protect you in both scenarios.
Low-Maintenance Natural Makeup - You will be sweating, so don't wear makeup that is cakey or will be running down your face. Waterproof Mascara is your friend.

Wet Wipes & Purell - In general, a sink is a rare luxury at coachella. You'll definitely want a wet wipe after you scarf down that messy hot dog or when your iced lemonade spills on you. Also, you are in the desert. You will get dirty.
Oil Blotting Sheets - You will be sweating
Backpack/Shoulder bag - Leave the adorable little Chanel at home. Again, you will get dirty and you will need a place to comfortably store all of the essentials in this list.
H2O- sure, you can't BYO bottle of water into the grounds (unless you sneak it deep in your purse), but you will definitely want it when you're walking to the entrance and waiting in line to get in. Once you're in, buy another one. The best thing you can do for yourself is stay hydrated, so you can party like the rock stars you came to see.
Travel-Size Tissues - Sure, the porto potties are fine on Friday, but by the time Sunday afternoon hits, they are completely transformed to shit ovens with no toilet paper. Do your self a favor and bring a little packet of tissues.

And For You Over Achievers:

Mini Flash Light - It gets dark and it may be hard to find your lip balm and tissues at the bottom of your bag. You may also find yourself looking into the dark trying to find your friend that swears they are standing at your meeting point by the swan's ass. Nothing a little SOS flash light signal can't solve. (We kid. Sort of.)
Travel First Aid kit - Target has a great one from $1.99 that includes band aids, antiseptic, etc.
Wash Cloth - No, not to wash yourself, but to sit on. By day 3 the grounds are gross and you will need to sit on the ground to rest throughout the day. You'll see that while others may have grass stains and god only knows what else on their bums, your bottom will remain as clean as can be.
At the hotel/condo/house/tent - More water, tea, snacks, (fruit, nuts, granola bars, etc.). Over-priced water and slices of greasy pizza get old.
Bring extra everything - Your friends will raid your treats and suitcases, and you will raid theirs.

If you bring these items along with a positive attitude, you are sure to have a Happy Coachella!

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