Missoni for Target: The Recap

Yesterday, we woke up bright and early to get our Missoni for Target. We arrived at the Target in Glendale at 8:45am. FAIL. What were we thinking? With all of the hype surrounding the line, we should have known that there would be a line wrapped around the building long before the store opened. About 45 minutes after the store had opened, we arrived to find nothing but empty shelves.

We immediately go into reconnaissance mode and start to scan our Twitter feeds to see where the goods are. Eagle Rock - nothing! West Hollywood - sold out! Wait. We see that our good friend is in West Covina  (aka the other end of the earth), and it's Missoni galore! Thanks to this amazing girl (you know who you are!), we get text messages saying, "What do you want?" "How many?" It was a Missoni dream come true! Check out some of the photos she sent us.

Final list of goodies we obtained: rug and pillows. Our angel of a friend left with: pillows, makeup bags, rug, dress, skirt, stockings and scarf. We are never this lucky...Score!

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